Hailing from the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. region, Timberbrooke is an alternative band drawing from roots in punk and post hardcore music. Fronted by vocalist Devon K. with support from Alex I., the vocal corps in Timberbrooke blends harmony with raw emotion, capturing the soul of the band. Bassist Ramsey N. and drummer Dario C. combine in rhythmic bliss to form the heart beat that is the driving force that propels the music forward. Guitarists Allen W. and Alex I., drawing influences from 80’s metal and modern rock, weave a melodic wave of sound filling out the sonic spectrum that forms the foundation of the band. As a whole the band brings a hard, fresh interpretation of modern music, pushing the boundaries of rock music. Timberbrooke’s latest EP, “Doubt”, is available now on all music streaming platforms.


Date City Venue Country
09/07/17 Herndon Acoustic Sounds in the Market United States
09/22/17 Woodbridge, CT The ATC United States
Violent in Black Tears Fall Down Facebook
09/30/17 Fairfax, VA Epicure United States
Elizabeth II & Violent in Black



Doubt EP



Our site is up and running! 😊 Check the Biooo
We are almost ready to release some crazy new music, some awesome new merchandise  and "a music video?" 🙄! Stay tuned my friends 🔥
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We are so sorry to hear that Chester Bennington has passed away! We are 
sure that many of you have grown with his music as we have and let's keep in mind that we are all human! #LinkinPark 
R.I.P Chester
Celebrated Alex's birthday last night🎉 (notice the empty space where ramsey would have been if he didn't have work🎻)
I'm gonna need you all to zoom in on Allen's socks. They're dinosaur tacos. TACOS THAT ARE ALSO DINOS 🌮
Because you need to look as tough as possible to fit in with the geezers at the farmers market, right? #acousticjams
I bite my tongue a lot, avoiding aftershock from the start #trainofthought #chameleonskin #comingsoon 📷: @rogue.crayon99
Decided to show you guys a preview of one of our new songs! #chameleonskin #timberbrookeva #guitar
It appears that we are just about ready to start recording for our next EP 🤔 #chameleonskin #comingsoon
📷: @rogue.crayon99
Ripping on drums for our upcoming studio sessions! #dontcallitacomeback @darioc25
Couldn't help taking a pic today when we were on the street where we got our name 👀


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